Grief & End-of-Life Support Services

Grief is a human emotion which needs comfort, time, and empathy. I am here to listen, offer support & direction, and most importantly give you my compassion in an environment that is best suited to your lifestyle. Whether that means in a place of formal setting, a coffee shop, or on the floor of your living room as you toss gold fish crackers to your toddlers. Many funeral homes have offered their spaces to me, as meeting grounds throughout the region.

Over the last two decades I’ve been surrounded by those who have lost loved ones and friends, and they all have a common theme: they need an outside listener who won’t judge. One who can offer advice. One who can be empathetic and hear them when they need to talk.

I won’t judge you, your emotions, your religion, or your grief. I am a neutral place for your grief to land, and one of the most laid-back people you will meet. I don’t offer spiritual care, therapy or medical advice, but offer experienced and educated support in a safe, open and honest place between us. I will help you with your coping and self-care tools, and companion you through grief with understanding, experience and education, but most importantly conversation. It’s my purpose to invoke both tears and laughter in our sessions.

I am a proud board member of the Bereavement Ontario Network, a provincial organization. I hold certifications in traumatic loss, bereavement coping skills and management, child, infant and pregnancy loss, child & grandparent grief and bereavement program facilitator training through various organizations and grief centres through Canada and the United States. These include Dr. Alan Wolfelt, the Miss Foundation, Crisis & Trauma Research Institute, Genesis, PAIL, and the Home Hospice Association, as well as others. I’m always looking to further my education and experience through post graduate studies – I admit I’m a bit of a school nerd.

Please reach out to me for further information, or to see if I am a fit to what you need. It’s important for us to connect first, so I can get a better understanding of what your wants and needs are from our talks. I am happy to provide personal referrals to other bereavement specialists who offer different types of care than I do. Grief is a personal journey, and there is nothing wrong with being honest about what and who you need at your side as you move through it. I am here to support you, listen, and hold space for your suffering. This can be a wonderful experience on its own or combined with therapy or other alternative healing practices.