New traditions… Because lives deserve to be celebrated, and ceremonies should be memorable

As a licensed funeral director within Ontario I've had the privilege of honouring lives and guiding families through their darkest times. I'm known for having a unique approach with my families, utilizing a conversational style arrangement filled with empathy, understanding and even humour.

I became a Celebrant as I saw a distinct need for something different. Something less traditional but equally valuable. I wanted to be able to offer the best possible send off from this place we call home, and I wanted to do it encompassing all faiths, cultures and belief systems. I wanted to create services that personified the person whom we were honouring.
I also saw a need for an experienced ear offering support to the bereaved. While I recognize the importance of psycho therapy, I've found that so many families need, and are most comfortable with a compassionate and experienced ear, and someone to companion them on their journey.

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