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Entering into the field of deathcare in 1997, Natalie soon became a licenced funeral director within the Province of Ontario. Continously furthering her studies within Thanatology, Bereavement Education, and Traumatology. Natalie provides community education, grief support, workplace training, as well as funeral ceremonies within Niagara, Ontario and beyond with specializations in Suicide Awareness, Children’s Grief and Infant and Pregnancy Loss.

Currently completing an additional degree in Adult Education, Natalie’s availability is reduced, however, please don’t hesitate to contact for scheduling or alternative resouces.

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Natalie and I met roughly a year ago when my mother passed away. She was a very warm, kind, caring funeral celebrant but also put a smile on my face even at such a sad time in my life. She made me feel she truly cared about my thoughts and feelings. I felt very comfortable and confident with her ability. Her compassion and empathy shows in her service I was so touched with the whole proceedings. It was PERFECT and I know my mother was smiling down at me. Natalie you are so good at what you do, I can tell it comes from your heart. Keep doing what you’re doing because you truly have a gift. I can only say thank you Natalie for your support and comfort at such a sad time in my life and for still making me feel like you keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you!


Our mom passed away in January. From the very first phone call from Natalie there was a sense of comfort that took place. Natalie is compassionate, caring and comforting. With all of these qualities she is also very efficient and through her personality has the ability to make you smile. Natalie was there from start to finish, guided us gently through everything, gave us gentle reminders when we forgot something, even when we would change our mind or couldn’t make up our minds she was always patient. It didn’t matter when you sent her a message she responded. She took the time on her day off to be there with us.


Last September I lost my husband and best friend, Natalie Proulx made what was the most difficult time in my life bearable. She walked me through everything step by step, explained what was to come and was there for me every second. Her service was amazing, she took the time to find out who he truly was and was able to create both a heartwarming yet comedic service which was him. It was like she had known him all along. I can’t say more except that she is truly amazing at her job and really takes the time and effort. It isn’t just a job for her, she cares about you and does everything she can to help you through this difficult time. Thank you Natalie for everything! Jody would have loved you.


I have known Natalie for 20 years, she was my student then, extremely compassionate and smart. We have kept in touch ever since which shows her dedication and caring, plus respect for others, always giving, always caring and always ready to share a laugh, and be there even to give me an ear when needed. Though I am much her senior, she always was helpful to me when I needed a friend, you won’t find any better. Grant Edwards

GRANT EDWARDS , High School Principal

Regardless of the role Natalie is tasked with in the journey through bereavement she bring her unique and personal touch. Few combine the attributes of education, compassion and skill in a way Natalie does. The walk is made much easier with her by your side.

DARREN FLAGG , Owner, Benner Funeral Services

I met Natalie when I was working as an intern Funeral Director, working towards becoming a licensed Funeral Director. She was a great mentor to me in that time, helping me learn how to be a great Funeral Director by example. I got to see how she interacted and treated each family with the utmost respect and dignity in the most difficult time in their lives. I am forever grateful for everything I learned working with her, it has helped me be the Funeral Director I am today. She was there for me when I needed her, whether it was learning how to fill out paperwork, making funeral arrangements, or even being there to help me when I made mistakes. Even outside of work Natalie was there to help me when she could, taking me to pick up groceries, even helping me with my resume when I was applying for jobs after my internship. As everyone that knows Natalie would say, she is extremely giving and has a huge heart, any family she works with is in great hands.

SARAH LEBLANC , Funeral Director

Articulate caring thoughtful and radiant pleasure to work with.

FRED SIDLER, Owner, Pedlar Funeral Home

I’ve known Natalie for a few years in her capacity as a funeral director when she worked at Davidson’s Funeral Home. It was evident from the first time we worked together that she cares. Her compassion and empathy are what will make her good at what she does in this new venture.

THOMAS ARTH, Lead Pastor, First Lutheran Church

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Natalie. She came in to my life just before my sister passed. My mother and I came in to the funeral home and told Natalie our story. My sister was going to pass, at home, any day. We wanted to arrange her funeral so that everything would transfer smoothly and to clear our minds during these final moments.Natalie told us to go home and spend those last moments with my sister. She told us not to stress about what comes next, but enjoy what we had. She comforted us in that moment. That would have been enough to solidify a spot in my heart but there was more to come. In the days following my sisters passing I produced Natalie with an obituary that I was worried wouldn’t be deemed suitable. Instead, Natalie understood and went to work with us, planning a send off fit for my little princess. Natalie took the time to create a program that captured my sister’s spirit, a program that we never thought we would have, but turned into a keepsake and would set the tone for everyone that attended the funeral. Natalie helped arrange balloon arches, photos, flowers. She dealt with family when we couldn’t and when I almost forgot the music, she helped me find my obscure requests to make sure everything was perfect. Natalie truly created a celebration of my sister’s life. I look back on my sister’s funeral and although many things are a blur, Natalie’s support stands vivid. Even after seven years, Natalie gives me strength. The friendship that has formed cannot be described. I feel so honoured to be here, to watch as she and her family grow and flourish. To watch as she goes through life helping others, always thankful for that day she met us at the door of a funeral home on one of my darkest days. Natalie I thank you for everything you have done, are doing and will be doing. I thank you for the talks, thoughts and ….. I thank you for being you. I never thought I would be able to look back on death so fondly, but that, that is the magic of Natalie

GILLIAN BARCLAY , St. Catharines, Ontario

I can not even begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for Natalie ! This was absolutely the most difficult loss i have ever experienced , when you lose someone you love so young and unexpectedly it becomes more then just death and then when you add suicide as the cause of this sad end the whole situation can become extremely stressful with fighting between loved ones , families , all the questions people have making the arrangements without any sort of will , the list goes on and on . While this last week and a half have felt like an absolute nightmare i will wake up from i look back on it and find the positives in possibly the most negative and painful situation i will ever experience, NATALIE!! she made the experience just a little bit bareable for everyone , she spoke beautifully at the service as if she had known Aaron his whole life and not just through all that but even now after things are finished and Aaron has found peace she stays in contact on almost a daily basis , we talk sometimes i laugh , i cry , sometimes i even slip and curse , she listens and she gives me her advice she is always there and always reaching out wanting to help allowing you to see she actually cares and this is not just her job ! Natalie thank you for all that you have done , continue to do and just for being the women you are !

ANGELA MARIE , Port Colborne, Ontario

Very caring and supportive. I have know Natalie well for over 15 years now, and would certainly call on her in times of grief. I highly recommend her!


When a loved one passes away, there’s no way to convey the depth of your sadness, your loss, your emotions. Tears are all the heart will release. When my Step Dad, Carl passed. There was so much I wanted to say. So many stories & great memories I needed to share. But I knew in my heart, when the time came, I wouldn’t be able to speak. Then I walked into Davidson Funeral Home & met Natalie. She put me to ease instantly. With her warm smile, soft voice and compassionate nature. Natalie came to Carl’s home, where the family all sat around reminiscing in comfort about our good & bad times ~ the funny & the sad times. All the memories we’ll never forget. She listened with compassion & empathy. She cried when we cried & laughed when we laughed. She took in our every emotion & made a very difficult time one of peace. Having us remember the man we loved so much When the day came to say good bye. Natalie spoke of our loved one as if he were her own. She conveyed emotions our hearts felt so deeply. She was compassionate yet vibrant while speaking about Carl, as if she’d known him as well as we did. There were tears of joy & sadness. Reminding us of all the wonderful things that made him the amazing man he was. Losing a loved one is never easy. Natalie, I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for meeting you. I will forever be grateful for the beautiful service. You made an unimaginable situation ~ Bearable. It was a celebration of life. Thank you for sending Carl off like the King he was to so many.


Although you never want to have to reach out to a Funeral Director to engage in their services, I can say with 100% confidence now that the right person makes all the difference when you do. Regardless of the fact that I live in an entirely different province, Natalie was quick to reach out to me when I needed her. Not only did she help me go through the logistics of what would need to be done, she was also able to calm me down when panic and anxiety set in over not knowing what to do to help my partner cope with the loss of an immediate family member. If you’re looking for someone who is extremely knowledgeable and professional, yet personable and able to make you smile through some of the most difficult days of your life, Natalie is your girl. I would recommend her 1000 times over for anyone needing her services.


Natalie is one of the most insightful people I’ve ever met. With exceptional listening skills; she really understands how to convey someone’s story in a professional and caring way. I highly recommend!!

ALICIA ROBSON , Wedding Planner

Natalie Proulx guided my family and me through the difficult process of saying goodbye to our mom. She achieved the delicate balance of gravitas and light that we needed to remember and celebrate the person we lost, and provided unvarnished answers when she recognized what we needed. It is difficult to intuit what some may want and need when s/he may not possess the words to express his/her deep feelings, but Ms. Proulx did so for us. We remain grateful.


Natalie is a warm, funny, creative and caring person. She is very loyal and devoted to her friends. She brings that caring, dedication and devotion to her career. Professionally she gives kindness, compassion, dedication and support to people at a time when they are hurting and in need of understanding and care. If you meet Natalie you are a fortunate and blessed individual.

JOSIE SARDELLA SALVATORE, Secretary, St. John Bosco Roman Catholic Church

I had the pleasure of getting to know Natalie while taking the Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula course through the Home Hospice Association. She was a breath of fresh air, while learning about how to support families during a time that is absolutely heart breaking. She has a huge passion to ensure that every baby should be honoured and encouraged us to learn as much as we can during exercises on how to ensure that we can help families in every step of the loss process. She has so much knowledge in how to walk families through the funeral process and how funeral homes are truly there to support each and every family that walks through your door. She encouraged us to laugh, cry and reach out for support during every step. I have complete faith that Natalie is in the right position and will continue to teach as many people as she can, that babies deserve to be honoured in the most beautiful and loving ways. Your funeral home and every client that comes in contact with her, is lucky to have her.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Natalie in her role as a Director and Celebrant and have to commend the absolute grace she brings to such a sensitive job. I saw first hand the strength and caring she offered to the families she was working with during what was an extremely difficult time. Her clear direction and the way she was able to communicate effectively to bereaved family members was admirable. I was also working along side her (capturing images) during a funeral service. She regularly ensured that I was comfortable while I carried out my work throughout what was a very emotional day. The service she wrote was beautiful and meaningful. You could tell she really took the time to reflect on the life she was speaking about and provided a thoughtful and memorable send off for everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend seeking out Natalie during a time of loss.

AMANDA WILKINS , Photographer & Graphic Design

Natalie and I met around 20 years ago in a chat room and I always found her to be bright and intelligent and it has always been a joy to share our ideas on a variety of subjects. As the years have passed, we have remained online friends and my wife and I have ventured north to visit her and her family on two occasions. It was a delight to find that she is as wonderful and cordial in real life as she has always been online. Her friendship has brought me a great deal of joy through the years and it is a pleasure to share in the daily activities of her family, especially her delightful girls. Watching them grow and learn about their world is a daily delight. It comes as no surprise that someone as caring and dedicated to any pursuit she undertakes is raising to very amazing girls. I look forward to following the adventures of Natalie and her entire family for many more years. Knowing her can only enrich the life of anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make her acquaintance.


I met Natalie over 10 years ago during my term as a MPP. I was amazed how personally she provided assistance to families during and outside of her normal working hours. Her sincere compassion and understanding came through to the families. I was impressed with how efficiently Natalie work with outside agencies like the police, medical profession, paramedics etc. Natalie had the ability to bring smiles to the family faces during their difficult emotional times. Truly a professional, knowledgeable,and talented lady Kim Gary Craitor

KIM CRAITOR , Former MPP, Niagara Falls City Councilor

I had the privilege to work with her 10 years ago, and what has always stood out for me is Natalie’s unique ability to connect with people; whether it be families that she has served, or co-workers. She has the personality that absolutely fits with being a celebrant, and I know families will be well served.

ADAM HOLLY , Funeral Director

After working alongside Natalie at Davidson funeral home, I can confidently say that she is incredibly personable and takes the time to really get to know the families that she is working with. Above all, I’ve been lucky enough to witness multiple services with her as a celebrant and every single one has been deeply personal and well spoken. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Natalie. Not to mention she makes a mean cup of coffee.

TRINITY WHITE , High School Student - Funeral Service Coop

Natalie and I met almost 11 years ago through work. She was a very warm and kind hearted funeral director who would willingly help me any chance she could as I was the newbie in the office. Natalie always made me feel confident, and comfortable and I was always delighted to hear she was the director coming into the office. Natalie has a very unique personality that you can’t help but love, and that’s an amazing trait! Over the years we have kept in contact and grown from colleagues to friends! She is always willing to lend an ear or give amazing advice for any situation! I can’t say enough about Natalie and her professionalism and her friendship!!

SHANNON LEE , Victoria Lawn Cemetery

My family and I had the opportunity to have Natalie assist us at Davidson Funeral Homes when our mother passed away in October. The wonderful sensitive, professional care that we received will never be forgotten. I especially appreciate the time and help that she gave to my very young grandchildren who were experiencing the death of a loved one for the first time. All the best to Natalie in her future endeavors.


In May 2017 we were devastated by the loss of our newborn grandson and Natalie guided us through this trauma with sincere compassion and provided first class support to us in all aspects of what we needed to do; in fact, she went above and beyond the realm of her job to ensure our comfort in such a difficult circumstance.


I have observed Natalie as a celebrant at the most difficult funeral I have ever attended – one of a child. She is warm and compassionate, personable and charming. She has also been a huge support to some close friends who have experienced tremendous loss, both in person and online. She is my go to on all things grief related. Highly, highly recommend.


I first met Natalie years ago through work. The bond was instant. She truly is one of a kind. Caring, supportive, funny and incredibly intelligent. There is no one else I would want to help me in a time of need. When my mom passed she was there, she made it personal and yet we giggled too. When my father in law fell and was seriously injured and I needed advice she was the first person I called and she had the answers I needed. Natalie is invaluable to those she serves….I know first hand that she is the best at what she does…… Thank you Natalie.


Natalie, I first met her years ago, she came into my workplace like a ray of sunshine, a huge smile and bubbly personality. Several years later, when my mom passed, she was a warm comfort to me. Years went by, and came the loss of my brother. The first person I thought to contact was Natalie. She performed my brothers service, with warmth and understanding. She has the ability to speak so eloquently, with wisdom and humour, that through the tears, you could not help but to laugh at the memories she weaved in. Thank you Natalie, for being a friend and mentor.


In April 2016 I lost the love of my life. When someone loses a very special person in their life, the following several days are the most difficult days that a person can go through. I chose Davidson Funeral Home to assist me and my family through those agonizing decisions and days that follows a loved ones death. I was given so much guidance, support and was walked through the process and allowed me to create the funeral service that my children and I envisioned even though it was a little out of the box and they had never done one quite like we wanted before. They made it happen flawlessly. I chose Natalie as our celebrant and so thankful that I did. She came to my home and sat down with me and the children, to get a feel for who Carl really was. As odd as it may sound, we had a good evening reminiscing about our experiences with Carl, the funny things he had done and the special moments we each had shared with him, his likes and dislikes. She just seemed to know how to make a heart wrenching task easier to deal with. The service that she gave was as if she had known him personally. She made the service so very special. There were light moments with the stories we had told her, mixed in with honoring his memory and who he was in such a gracious and heartfelt way.


Natalie is one of the best funeral celebrants I have had the pleasure of working with. Her kindness and compassion for those who have lost a loved one shows in her services she provides two families. I would highly recommend Natalie for any family who is looking for a funeral celebrant.

TINA SIDLER , Owner/Managing Director Pedlar Funeral Home

I met Natalie at Club Richelieu about 11 years ago, in a bathroom (of all places). Little would I know, that one night would introduce me to a fellow funeral director who would become part of my career’s journey, right from the beginning. Natalie is a brilliant speaker and suits the role as a celebrant perfectly. Natalie is a natural people person and she easily fits in with whoever she is around. She is a friend who is always there to listen and offers great advice. One thing I admire about Natalie is her community spirit. Throughout the years, this busy girl always found time to get involved with her community even after having children of her own. Natalie is professional, smart, friendly and passionate about helping make a difference. I am proud to have her part of my life, as a friend and as a fellow funeral director. Natalie, I wish you nothing but the best and all the happiness in the world doing what you do best; helping people.


I have known Natalie for many years. I always find her personality and spirit very uplifting. Natalie is full of energy but has a level of professionalism that will exceed your expectations. I have used Natalie’s services in the past for some help during a loss and she was able to listen and guide me through my difficult times. Thanks for everything you did and continue to do for me with your follow up messages


Words alone could never describe Natalie and her passion for wanting to help others. Natalie and I first met in the funeral service industry almost 20 years ago and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to work with Natalie and truly seeing an artist at work as she seeks to ensure that everyone who meets her is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy they deserve when navigating the uncertainty of the bereavement trail. Natalie is always seeking ways to stay current and is continually upgrading her education. Outside of the professional realm, I am proud to call Natalie a friend. Whether its sharing a laugh, crying on a shoulder or just needing to chat over numerous cups of coffee, Natalie has always been there, not just for me, but for anyone who needs it. I can say with complete confidence that Natalie is one of the best in the business and that those who use her services, will not be disappointed.

IAN MACLEOD, Owner - Liberty Removal Services

I met Natalie a year ago when my daughters boyfriend took his own life. I don’t know where to start about Natalie she was amazing with helping my daughter plan his funeral and she seemed to be the only person that could get through to my daughter at the time. She is understanding compassionate warm kind completely honest and direct. She gave me as a mother great advice on how to deal with things. Natalie took the time to create a program for the funeral that captured the person that my daughters boyfriend was without even knowing him. She seems to always have the time to reach out to everyone. I am thankful for the day I met her. Thank you Natalie xo


I met Natalie back in October when my wife and I started grief counseling for the loss of our baby girl. Natalie was instantly very warm and welcoming. In situations like ours, it’s very hard to have a trusting heart when opening up and Natalie had a way of earning our trust from the very beginning. She’s kind and caring. Open and honest. Funny and talkative. But most of all, comforting and understanding. She’s definitely helped us heal and reach a point of comfort in our loss. Not only did we have the pleasure of meeting with her weekly for six weeks, but we have found a friend for life.


Natalie is top notch. None better. There is no other person I would trust my loved ones to.