Should funerals be dull, dreary and have everyone leave only saddened and empty? Absolutely, if that’s how you live your life and make people feel in your presence… But chances are, or at least I hope, you don’t live that way – and if you do I’m probably not the right celebrant for you – because I’m just not a dreary girl like that.

Experiencing the death of someone you care about can be a heart breaking moment, but it’s my job to create a ceremony not to remind you of that loss, but the amazing life they lead and the legacy they leave behind.

I’m right for your family if you want your loved one’s story shared in a creative and unique way. I’m here to shamelessly tell the stories: the good, the sweet, the bad, the embarrassing, the touching, the beautiful, the eloquent. I want to bring your loved one’s life and personality out through the magic of ceremony, ritual, music, tears and laughter. I’m here to hit all the right feels.

I promise that your friends and family won’t just leave feeling blah, and that they did the right thing by attending and drinking some luke warm funeral coffee*, but instead leave with a renewed sense of spirit, excited to continue sharing stories and conversation. I promise that your loved one’s send off, and all the memories about what made them the person they were, will remain in the forefront of their mind.

I believe a celebration of life should encompass love, humour and healing. I do not impose a faith based agenda within my ceremony, but instead welcome all cultural and religious belief systems, and am happy to incorporate as much or little of them as you see fit.

We meet together, family and friends of your choosing, days before the ceremony and together we lead conversation and share stories.

It’s relaxed, and not without tears, but more often than not, it’s therapeutic and fun, filled with laughter and usually a lot of coffee and/or wine. I place careful attention to all words spoken, and craft a personalized and unique life story: the loving. the fun. the difficult. the tragic. All of these things that together blend into a fitting, personalized tribute.

I’ve guided spiritual services filled with reflection and prayer, and I’ve stood, dressed in super hero theme for a young little man, leading a sing -a

-long to you are my sunshine at the request of his parents. If it feels right for you and your family, not only will I make it happen, but I will do everything in my


reach to ensure your final goodbye is exactly as your loved one would have wanted. If you’re like most and you just know what you don’t want but are unsure of what you can actually have, I’m here to provide alternatives and direction. While most of my ceremonies tend to take place within a funeral home or cemetery, I’ve held ceremonies in service clubs, outdoors, in churches (with permission from clergy), sports centres, restaurants, and even at a race track.

Do you have questions? I’d be honoured to speak with you about who I am and what I do, but most importantly what you want. As a licensed funeral director, I’m also willing to field any questions outside of the ceremony that you may have, and love working with my fellow directing friends!



*We’re actually quite lucky in this region. Almost all the funeral homes have some pretty great coffee.