I’m not your average Wedding Officiant, and that’s not just because I’ve spent most of my life in a funeral home. I’m creative. I’m adlib; I’m not one who reads your ceremony, but I speak it. Though – if you give me something to read, like your vows or a special poem – I won’t throw my own twist to your magical words – don’t worry!

I’m a story teller by nature. I live and breathe people and connections and feel there is no greater feeling then to be let into someone’s circle. My personality and lifestyle is unique at best description, and I’m okay with that. It’s done me well. That said, I can tone me up and tone me down – A friend once called me a professional chameleon, able to adapt to those around me enough that I became one of their own. I don’t believe this is something that makes me less true to myself, but instead it lets me connect and appreciate different views and life roles.

I want to laugh with you. I want to tear up because I get way too invested into wedding speeches. I want to make people smile and think. “Yes. This ceremony was so awesome how can we possibly beat that in our married life going forward?” – well, okay that’s a bit over the top – but it’s important to aim high right?

I will wear whatever you want me to wear. I will respect the traditions that you value, including faith, and toss the traditions that you can’t stand into the canal. I will hug you and mean it. I will like you best if you drink coffee. I will help you be as creative as you wish, or I will happily just make your vision a reality. I won’t do anything illegal, and I need fair warning if your ceremony will include horses or butterflies because I’m not going to lie – those things scare me. It’s fair to expect me to take a selfie with you after the ceremony – just a head’s up. Since it’s your day, I’ll even let you pick the side you prefer to be on, and if you know me you know I think that’s a pretty big deal.

You’ve chosen your lifetime partner in crime. I don’t think my ceremony needs to prove that. It needs to showcase who you are and why you’re awesome. I hope you choose me to give you a modern, traditional or crazy ceremony to send you off into the world as a married couple. Long, short, calm or silly, doves or goats – Let’s make it happen – at least, if you’re legally allowed to wed! I can’t do much for you if you’re not.

So, if you think I could be your Celebrant – drop me a line. If I’m not for you, I can suggest some amazing clergy from just about every denomination. I’m also happy to recommend florists and photographers for your special day, and while I’d never put down a business, it’s fair to say that my silence speaks volumes.

Like me but you don’t have a spouse to marry yet? I can’t set you up, but like my facebook page so you can come back. Wish you had me in the first place? I’m always up for a good ‘ole vow renewal or anniversary party Master of Ceremonies. Elope and your family now hates you? I’m up for a ceremony sans legalities to calm the waters (and yes, it costs less!)

Cheers, new friends!