One Step at a Time


Niagara is home to wonderful trails along the waterfronts, so while we work on healing your mind and heart, let’s take the hour to walk together and as well – touching mind, body & spirit. Though my usual bereavement sessions are not in a standard desk and chair office, this allows for the same conversation to flow, while getting some exercise at the same time; it’s an excuse to get outside on those days you’d just rather hide from the world…

While I’m far from an outdoors girl, I bought new shoes to switch into from my day to day wear (as seen above) at the request of people asking that we spend our sessions outdoors during patio season. Should you choose this type of session, my fees are lessened as it’s in turn forcing me to venture into the sunlight and get my health on.

Do you think this would be a fit for you? Please reach out for more information! I have my traveling coffee mug ready.